Adventurous Spirit Travel specializes in Spiritual Travel Tours to many holy sites around the world.

Our company schedules and guides fulfilling spiritual travel and tours to sacred sites and power spots. Our travel and tour packages are are offered throughout the year in the United States and Internationally.

Adventurous Spirit Travel
 offers unique, rich and memorable travel tours that provide like-hearted people with the opportunity to explore our beautiful world together. We seek understanding with open hearts, as pilgrims on a sacred journey. The intention is to help guide people through travel and tour with care and companionship, weaving stories together with ceremony and discussion.

It is our belief that while traveling, we see the world with fresh eyes, discovering not only wonders around us but also, the wonders within each of us. It seems that many people want a deeper understanding of our world and conscious travel tours can be a doorway to provide a much needed clarity.
We feel that this is the right time to be offering our service to humanity. As pilgrims we tread softly on the Earth, seeking to contribute peace to our world by connecting with other beings, near and far. We travel respectfully, abiding by the laws of Nature. Our travel and tour groups bring good will to the four corners of our world. It is time for peace to come to all, Hearts to Earth.

“Don’t wait to be ready. Everything you need for this journey is available to you right now.” ~ K. Bradford Brown

Adventurous Spirit Travel welcomes all world travelers and those who have never before traveled with a group. Our tours are designed for adults, women and men, young or not so young; people interested in the mystery and sacredness of life, with a desire to know and understand more of where we’ve come from, to assist us in where we are going and to make a difference on the planet. We will discover new information that will enrich all of our senses. Our tour travel guides are experienced in the places we visit and offer unique insights about the sacred sites and by offering a spiritual education, we encourage our clients to take in the full experience.




Journey in the Bolivian Andes
September 18-28, 2016
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For the Equinox, we will travel to seldom visited places in Bolivia, the land of the Aymara people, and the homeland of our sister, Rosse Mary Vilela. Rosse was born and raised in Bolivia and is a land owner on the Island of the Sun. I consider her my spiritual sister. She is beloved by the people in Bolivia, is close friends with many native shaman throughout the country, and the best guide we could ever hope for. Watch the video of her:

Next we will travel up into the mountains for a rare trip to visit the Kallawaya Healers.  We will spend 2 days with them in ceremonies.  The Kallawaya healers are the legendary doctors of the Inca royalty and are said to have been able to perform brain surgery centuries ago. Alberto Villoldo of the Four Winds Society derived much of his teachings from them. They are now a disappearing group and it is a special privilege to be able to visit them.

Please join us for this amazing journey into the heart of the Andes. Register as soon as possible with a $500.00 deposit. Balance is due on August 15, 2016.

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Oct 18 – 30, 2016
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Did you miss our 2015 journey to Egypt? It was such an amazing pilgrimage that we are going back again this year in October of 2016.

We welcome you to join Crotalo Sesamo of Damanhur, Italy and our Egyptian spiritual, archaeological guide for a program of inspirational lectures, workshops and meditations to rejuvenate your body, mind & spirit as we sail the Nile River and visit the temples and pyramids of ancient Egypt.

* Visit many of the temples privately, when they are closed to the public.
* Go to the tombs in the Valley of the Kings including the Funerary Temple of the female pharaoh Hatshepsut to which we will make a pilgrimage at Dawn.
* Explore the pyramids at Dashur and Sakkara and visit the newly restored Serapheum at Sakkara.
* We will the visit the Cairo Museum and marvel at the treasures of King Tutankhamun as well as thousands of other artifacts of Ancient Egypt.
* But especially… stand between the paws of the mighty Sphinx at Giza and watch the first rays of the rising Sun light up its magnificent face. This is a very special moment that is experienced by only a few.
* We will be in the Pyramids of Giza when they are closed to the public and experience a two  hour meditation in the Kings Chamber
* Be pampered in 5 star luxury at the famous Mena House Hotel in Giza.

* Travel up the Nile River from Luxor to Aswan on the traditional sailboat, called the Afandina, a beautiful experience, connecting you to the agricultural lands of Egypt and its beautiful people.

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