View from Island of the Moon.

Why are we going to Peru and Bolivia this year? The Dalai Lama shared some years ago that the main energy vortex on our Earth shifted from the Himalayas to the Andes, from a masculine energy vortex to a feminine one. We are going there to gather new life force energy which is held in the great Apus, the sacred temples and at Lake Titicaca. We are going with the intention to remember a part of ourselves that has been separated and to bring it back into our beings. In this way we can holistically unite within ourselves, and more effectively join with our communities to create a new vision.

An ancient prophecy says when the Eagle of North America and the condor of South America unite, the spirit of peace will awaken on Earth. After waiting for millennia, many believe the time is now. We want to go to the Andes to see the condor, to discover for ourselves what this prophecy means. We will do this with help from the local people. Some will show us where the most ancient, powerful energies lie, where the important portals are; others will perform their ancient ritual ceremonies to help us.

The harbor at Copacabana.

The harbor at Copacabana.

We will go there, but what we get out of it, is up to us. When we bring our pure intention and deep desire to learn and grow, each of us will be able to receive the blessings and teachings that are shared with us. To create our journey in the most authentic way, we are using the greatest discernment regarding the local people that will be helping us. The shaman who will conduct our ceremonies come from a lineage of knowledge and a lifetime of training. We will be guided by some of the most important Elders available.

Remains of the Priestess Temples, Island of the Moon, Lake Titicaca.

Remains of the Priestess Temples, Island of the Moon, Lake Titicaca.

Lee Cook, a counselor and minister of the highest regard in the international community will be there to help us understand our experiences. Also, Tina Wood who has participated in indigenous ceremonies for over 25 years will be there to add her support. When we arrive at the power places in Peru and Bolivia, our guides will teach us what they know. Then, sensing the energies, we will be the ones to conduct the meditations and we will make sure that each person has the opportunity to truly tune in to what is possible for them.


Please watch the video below to meet one of our guides, Rosee Mary, on Lake Titicaca:

The power that is available in Peru and Bolivia is magnificent. There are many places where it will be possible for us to connect with the special energies and the beautiful Andean people. We invite you to join us as we explore the mountains, the ancient temples and the wondrous Lake Titicaca.

“The Central Andes with the Peruvian cordillero
Like all great mountains
Keeps me awake until morning’s light**
For what is most sacred
Comes down from the mountaintops
And is written on the tablets of our hearts
Around the fires of the night.”

~ Stephen W Emerick



B: Breakfast L: Lunch D: Dinner



Flight to Cusco, Train to Machu Picchu, Stay in Aguas Calientes (L,D).

Your Adventure to Peru begins today with the flight from Lima to Cusco. Please book your international flight to Lima to arrive by 6:00AM local time this morning, in order to connect with your early morning group flight to Cusco which is booked by Adventurous Spirit Travel.

(Note after booking your trip to Peru, it is possible for us to arrange pre-tour services with an English speaking guide to help you get a hotel, have breakfast and get back to the airport for your early morning flight to Cusco, booked by Adventurous Spirit Travel.)

You must be at the Lima airport by 7:00 am for the 9:00 am (approximately) flight to Cusco. Sorry about the early hour but it must be so, in order to catch the last train to Machu Picchu, where we will start our journey at the lowest altitude. From there we slowly make our way up to the higher altitudes, allowing most people to adjust easily.

Your journey with Adventurous Spirit Travel starts at this point and we will greet you at the airport in Cusco. After a brief stop in Cusco, we will drive 2-hours down through the Sacred Valley to the ancient Andean Village of Ollaytaytambo . Then we will catch the 2 hr train, traveling along the sacred Urumbamba river, past beautiful vistas toward Machu Picchu. Below the ruins, down by the river, we will stay in Aguas Calientes, a great little fiesta village. Here we will stay for three nights at Gringo Bill’s. You may relax during the rest of the afternoon and acclimate to the amazing mountains of Peru.




This evening, after a welcome dinner, altogether, we will have a ceremony for the Full Moon, along the sacred Vilcambamba River (The River of Stars.) One of our guides assisting us in the ceremony here is a man who was born and raised in Aguas Calientes almost 60 years ago. His father was a Curandero and his Grandfather taught him about the healing plants. He will share his knowledge with us about the sacred Apus, the Guardians of Machu Picchu and many other things. Our guide works with the new energies that are now becoming evident in the Andes.

Sunrise Ceremony at Machu Picchu, Free Meditation Time
(B, L)

This will be a full day of Machu Picchu, the ancient City of the Condor, recently voted one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. We will plan to take the first bus up to the Ruins for a Sunrise Ceremony.

D-02aThrough many millennia Machu Picchu has served as an initiatory center for students of a higher learning. The ancient sacred site is fed by a grid of powerful natural energies patterned by the surrounding peaks above and the extensive caverns below. While many succeeding cultures built at Machu Picchu, its origins are seen in the megalithic stone structures left by an ancient highly advanced people many thousands of years vanished. This is one of the most energized and magical places in the world!

We will have a private, English speaking, spiritually guided tour of the ruins and a picnic lunch. You may spend the rest of the day exploring on your own, with plenty of time to meditate in the places that call to you. This evening, please enjoy dinner on your own, at your choice of great restaurants.



Huayna Picchu, Sacred Waterfalls, Free Time (B, L)D-03

We will go back up to the ruins of Machu Picchu to explore more of the sacred site. Hiking half way up Huayna Picchu, one of the Guardian mountains of the sacred city, you will reach the Temple of the Moon, a most powerful feminine energy vortex area in the world! You can meditate in this small cave, the womb of the Pachamama. You may hike to the Sun Gate, or the Inca Bridge. In the afternoon, people may choose to walk along the river in Aguas Calientes and enjoy the rain forest. There are waterfalls to be visited and a sacred peak to climb. Today, you will have another picnic lunch to carry along so that no matter where you go, you will have good sustenance. Dinner on your own at one of the great little restaurants in town.

Note: October 31 is a very popular holiday in Peru, especially on the coast, called “El Día de la Canción Criolla”, or Criolla Music Day. Criolla Music Day was designated to celebrate Peruvian music and folklore. The town of Aguas Calientes will be celebrating!




Train to Ollaytaytambo, Explore the ruins there, Rest at a Garden spot Hotel in the Sacred Valley. (B, D)

This morning we will offer an optional early morning visit to the local Hot Springs (this is when the healing waters are the most pure); after a buffet breakfast, we will take the train back to Ollaytaytambo and visit the archaeological site at Ollaytaytambo. We will explore and meditate with the healing waters at the sacred royal fountain, the Temple of the Wind and other important places here at Ollaytaytambo.

After lunch in town, we will settle into our secret location in the Sacred Valley that is full of herbs, chakra flower gardens and crystals: beauty everywhere! There will have a delicious home cooked, organic dinner, integrate, rest and have our circle time.

Note: Nov 1 is All Saints Day in Peru and is celebrated with relish!



Moray, Chinchero and free time at the beautiful gardens. (B, D)


Today, after a leisurely breakfast, we will visit the amazing site of Moray, a huge vortex area and we will have a ceremony there. Driving through the heart of the fertile Sacred Valley, the views are breathtaking. Then we will visit the market at Chinchero for beautiful woven textiles and other local goods. Lunch in town. Afternoon: Relax in the Gardens, or we may visit a local weaving community, in the mountains. There is also the option to ride horses through the valleys. Evening Circle Time. Stay at the Gardens in the Sacred Valley. Homecooked, organic dinner included.


Note: November 2 is celebrated as the Day of the Dead in Peru, a family day of feasting and celebration.



Pisac Ruins, Market, Cusco, Folkloric Performance. (B,L)

After another delicious breakfast, we will drive toward Cusco, stopping in Pisac. There we will visit the ruins, including the Temple of the Condor and the Temple of the Sun, with private time for meditation. We will visit the market in this amazing town. Lunch in Pisac. In the afternoon, we will visit more sacred sites in the Cusco area, perhaps Tipon, a marvel of hydraulic engineering. This night and the next we will stay in Cusco at Arqueologo Hotel and attend an evening Folklorico Performance. Dinner at any one of the great restaurants is on your own.




Traditional ceremony, Sacsayhuaman, Quenko, Quorincancha, shopping in Cusco. (B, D)

Today, we will have a traditional ceremony near the ruins above Cusco with a Qero elder who will travel down from the high mountains to work with us. We will visit Sacsayhuaman and Quenko and various megalithic temples to immerse ourselves in the geo-energy wisdom of the ancient ancestors. These temples were built on natural power sites with perfectly fitted stones weighing in excess of 300 tons! Also to be seen are the many hundreds of most enigmatic machine like carvings in the living rock. Perhaps this is evidence of a industrial civilization dating thousands of years prior to the Inca Empire.


Lunch in Cusco, on your own. Then we are free explore Cusco and the old Temple of Quorincancha, which contained the Sun Disk and according to the Spanish was filled with gold, when they found it. We may browse the fascinating markets near the main plaza. This is a great place for shopping for the crafts have been gathered here from all over Peru. Evening Circle time with a group dinner to review the highlights of our amazing time in Peru.




Fly to Lima; or continue on extension to Bolivia. (B)

Return to Lima via air and continue on to Home. Once you arrive in Lima, the service with Adventurous Spirit Travel is over. However, we can arrange for an English speaking guide to show you around Lima and get you on your flight back home. Or, we would love to have you continue on to Bolivia with us and visit sacred Lake Titicaca. If you choose to come along, you will not fly to Lima in the morning, but join us as we travel across the Altiplano of the Andes: see itinerary, below.

$3,034.00 if paying by credit card or paypal.
(5% increase to cover our costs of processing the payment.)

Ceremonies of Happiness: Peru, Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley and Cusco: $2,899.00


Extension to Bolivia:
November 5 – November 10


Please note: If you would like to join us for only the Bolivian part of the journey, it can be arranged.

Special information! Our guides in Bolivia are an Aymara elder, named Rosee Mary, please watch her in the video, below and her teacher, who is a retired archaeologist in Bolivia. These wonderful people are much more than guides. They are teachers and healers. It is a complete learning experience to simply be with them, and much more to travel to sacred places together with them. This is a special and unique opportunity!




Cuzco to Chuquito, Lake Titicaca. (B, D)

After breakfast, drive from Cusco through beautiful mountains and Andean villages to Chuquito, on the shores of Lake Titicaca, stopping along the way for lunch. Stop in Sillustani, to connect with the ancestors at this powerful, ancient site. Stay in Chuquito. Optional coca leaf ceremony with Maria, a master coca leaf reader and woman shaman. Stay at Las Cabañas. Dinner Included.




Interdimensional Portal, Copacabana. (B)

Visit the Interdimensional Portal. (recently labeled the Gateway of Amara Muru). The natives know the portal is an inter-dimensional gateway serving as a connection with another world. It is carved into red cliff stone in an area known for its radiating lines of geo-energy. Here we will have private meditation time. We will also visit the amazing canyon behind this portal. Lunch along the way. Then, we will drive to Copacabana. There, we will visit the Black Madonna Chapel. The rest of the afternoon you may have free time, shop or climb up one of the sacred mountain areas within walking distance of the town. Dinner on your own at one of the many restaurants in Copacabana. Stay at La Cupula.




Boat to the Island of the Sun and visit the religious shrine on the north side of the Island. There are many ancient ruins on this side including a monumental labyrinth, the sacred rock and a special temple. On the Sacred Lake Titicaca, we will share a traditional ceremony. Then we will have a lunch prepared by the local people. We will stay overnight on the island in the community of Challapampa, northern side of the Island. The Island of the Sun is a magical place and we will be visiting many places with our amazing guide that most tourists never see.Island of the Sun, Ceremony at Sacred Lake Titicaca (B, L, D)




Sunrise Ceremony, Island of the Moon, Copacabana (B, D)

After a Sunrise ceremony on the Island of the Sun, we will have breakfast. Then we depart by boat for the Island of the Moon. We will have ceremony with one of the Aymara Elders at the ancient Feminine Temple of the Priestesses, the most complete astronomical observatory center in the Andes. We will return to Copacabana by boat. Lunch on your own in town. Free time for shopping and/or contemplation. We will have dinner altogether to discuss and contemplate our amazing visit to Lake Titicaca, the center for the new feminine energies emerging at this time. Stay in Copacabana at La Cupula.




Greet the Sun, Copacabana Free time, Bus to Chuquito (B, D)

Option to climb one of the important astronomical sites in Copacabana to greet the sun over Lake Tititcaca. Free time in Copacabana for shopping, meditating at the chapel of the Black Madonna, or exploring other sacred sites in Copacabana. Take the midday bus back to Chuquito. Option to visit the Temple of Fertility in this old, traditional village overlooking Lake Tititcaca. Dinner at our family hotel. Stay at Las Cabañas.




Drive to Juliaca, Fly to Lima, Connect to International Flights. (B)

After an early breakfast, we will drive to Juliaca airport to catch the flight to Lima which has been arranged by Adventurous Spirit Travel. Once you arrive at the Lima airport, your service by Adventurous Spirit travel will be over. Be sure that your international flight departing for home leaves after 6:00pm. Once at the Lima airport, you have the option to store your baggage and take a taxi into the city to explore the ocean front shops and restaurants. Most international flights leave late at night. After you registering for the trip, we can provide you with connections to help you get into Lima and back to the airport on time for your flight home.

Cost for the Extension to Bolivia and Lake Titicaca: $2,499.00

If paying with Credit card or paypal:
$2,625.00 (5% increase to cover our costs of processing the payment.)

Note: If you book the trip to Peru and the extension to Bolivia together, you will receive a deduction of $300.00 from the total cost of the trips.

* Local Flights: Lima-Cusco, Juliaca-Lima; or Lima- Cusco, Cusco-Lima,
depending on your trip.
* Train, Bus and local transportation
* All lodging
* All Meals as described in the Itinerary
* Entry fees to sacred sites
* Amazing Guide services
* Ceremonies
* Support by Lee Cook and Tina Wood

Not Included:
* International airfare
* support services in Lima
* Trip insurance, health or medical costs
* Incidentals such as wifi, laundry or other services, not specified on the itinerary
* Extras, such as snacks, water, drinks, etc.
* Drinks at meals.

You are welcome to read the recommendations, below.

La Cupula Hotel

La Cupula Hotel

Hi Tina,

Back home again and well rested after the AWESOME journey with you to Bolivia. What a great trip that was! I loved every bit of it: the country, the people, the history of these ancient power places on earth. I especially loved the energies of Lake Titicaca. I remembered having read about this area in the book “The I AM Discourses” by Godfrey Ray King, regarding ancient rays entering the earth at specific points.

It says; “One Ray enters the crust of the earth at a point just south of the Gobi desert; and the other one enters just east of Lake Titicaca, the highest lake in the world, in the Andes Mountains.
These are the two most intense points of Light in the earth. There is always a Cosmic Activity taking place there, which may not be interfered with …..” After visiting these energies and seeing for myself, I would not be surprised if this is true. And what better time to be there than now, in 2012! So we were blessed indeed.

I realize you also provided us with – on all levels – the best and most knowledgeable guides we could ever ask for! So Thank You! Already I would love to go back.

~ AK, Norway

Machine like Q'enko.

Machine like Q’enko.

In April, 2012, I accompanied Tina on the site review for the planned 2012 Adventurous Spirit Travel Journey to the Andes, scheduled for early November. It was a very interesting trip. Tina has an amazing intuition for connecting with highly evolved guides that are helpful for transformational experiences. Since this is the main reason to travel to spiritual sites in the Andes, I recommend her trip for anyone planning to go there during this auspicious year, 2012. I have traveled to sacred sites around the world and I have to say that this one was a most effective spiritual awakening. Highly recommended!

~Lorna, UK.