Earth Sanctuary, Lands Of the Maya


Living in the Americas is an opportunity to connect directly with the ancient indigenous wisdom held in our lands. However, many people have not had the opportunity to learn about the profound teachings that areĀ available. There could be several reasons for this. People may not have realized that it is actually an important responsibility to know something of the indigenous ways of the lands we live in. Additionally, they may not know that the opportunity is even available. Other questions might include how to study, where to go, and who to learn from?

The Mayan people, situated in Mexico and Central America, midway between North and South Americas carry a centrally important wisdom that they want to share with the peoples of the world at this time. They feel that it is essential for us to learn about their appreciation for mother nature, to understand their concepts of community, thankfulness, and how we are all related. These are commonly used words that sound simple. However, when one learns the complex ramifications resulting from truly integrating the concepts into our lives, they become life changing and world changing.


This is why we are offering a journey to the land of the Maya on February 1 – 10. We feel that it is important to go to their lands. It is a pilgrimage to learn directly from the people, the Elder wisdom keepers, also those who live in touch with the Earth, and from the ancient power places that hold an energy for transformational ceremony. Our ceremonies will be led by a well chosen Mayan Priest and Master Teacher who speaks English. Also along our travels, we will meet his teachers. Through ceremonies and teachings, we will connect to the Maya Masters of Light in the ancient ceremonial sites of the Maya. This instruction comes from those who are kind, helpful and wise, personally living the teachings which they share from their own life experience. They carry powerful healing intentions in their ceremonies.


We are proud to offer this journey for those people who are seeking a deeper understanding of how to live in our rapidly changing world today, a chance to see what the original intention was for life in the Americas and how we can get a foot on the right path. For those already farther along the road, it is an opportunity to reinforce your experience and in a humble way, learn at a deeper level.

We invite you to watch the video below, to refresh your memory about the ways the Maya are connected to our Earth and how they honor her. These are powerful times. What can we expect in the days ahead and what is the best way for each of us to contribute?

Full details about our journey to be with the Mayan people will be available on the itinerary page. Come journey with us to the warmth and beauty of the jungles and sacred sites of the Maya during the cold winter days in early February. This will be a spiritual journey, full of teachings and ceremony. We will be safely guided by our Master Teacher, well known in the jungles and we will be taken to powerful places, many off the tourist track. We plan to tread softly and honor the lands and people we encounter. Thank you for your interest.

2012:The Mayan Word

Film by Melissa Gunasena

This film covers so much ground it will be a challenge to mention all in a brief review. It starts out with the hype regarding the end of the Maya calendar and pointedly notes that the Maya people themselves are not the ones postulating the various theories. In fact, the end of the Long Count calendar has become a vast commercial enterprise, not at all benefiting the Maya people themselves.

In the time the film allots it does an excellent job of covering essential elements yet can barely scrape the surface of a complex culture.

The film is an hour long and may be viewed free onlineĀ here.


Trip Costs

Price per person, land only: US$3,299.00
Single supplement: $550.00