Heart Of The Mother, France

Rennes le Chateau, located in the lovely Languedoc Region of southern France is full of many mysteries. Mountains frame both ends of the region, the Cevennes to the northeast and the snow capped Pyrenees to the south. The area is known for beautiful scenery, with jagged ridges, deep river canyons and also, its rich history. Languedoc has been well traveled for centuries by people migrating from Africa and the ancient civilizations of the Middle East, through Europe. Settlers include the Celts and Druids, Visgoths, Romans, Christians, Cathars, Knights Templar and the Nazis.

At the resort near Rennes Le Chateau.

At the resort near Rennes Le Chateau.

Along with this complex history comes enormous intrigue about the region. The entire area around Rennes-le-Château became the focus of interest during the 1950s involving the Merovingians, the Knights Templar, the Cathars, the treasures of the Temple of Solomon that included the Ark of the Covenant. From the 1970s onwards claims have extended to the Priory of Sion, the Holy Grail, ley lines, sacred geometry alignments, the remains of Jesus Christ, and references to Mary Magdalene settling there in the south of France. Books, such as The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail and Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code have their roots in the Rennes-le-Château area.

It all seems mysterious and exciting! We will be traveling here with the intention of understanding some of the mysteries and to experience the energy that is held in the churches, castles and the beautiful countryside. Feminine energy is predominant. The statues of Mary holding the baby Jesus in the churches reflect the way the Egyptians portrayed Isis holding the baby, Horus. The divine Feminine energy can be sensed and is easily felt here, as it is held in the land throughout southern France. This Goddess energy is waiting to be uncovered by us, so we can integrate and use it to fulfill our earthly potential.

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Heart of the Mother
September 17- 26, 2012


Meet at Barcelona airport, check into our lovely retreat at Rennes Le Chateau, Restful Sleep.

We will arrive at the Barcelona Airport on September 17, by 12 noon and be driven directly to Rennes Le Chateau, a two hour drive. We will stay for three nights at a lovely retreat in the Valley of Colors, Rennes Le Chateau. The afternoon of our arrival, we will enjoy the beautiful grounds which may have been the site of an ancient Mystery School. Later, we will have a presentation by a local expert (Jaap Rameijer) regarding the possibilities and intrigue of the area. We will learn of the Cathars, Knights Templars and of course, Mary and her history in the area. We will have a welcome dinner which is included, home cooked by our French hostess. Then, a brief circle time to set our intentions for our amazing Adventure in France! To bed, to sleep well.

The cross of the Knights Templar shows up in many places around this area of France.

The cross of the Knights Templar shows up in many places around this area of France.

NOTE: You will love the guide that will be working with us: Jaap Rameijer. See his website here: http://www.jaap-adventures.com/en/about-jaap



Rennes Le Chateau and Free Time

The next day, after breakfast, we will go up to the village of Rennes Le Chateau and visit the Church of Mary Magdalene and the whole interesting village. We will have an initial overview with our guide. If we are lucky, we will see Henry Lincoln, one of the authors of the famous book, Holy Blood, Holy Grail. Often he is at the garden restaurant, explaining theories regarding the sacred geometry and he also gives tours of the church, pointing out the many strange depictions throughout. If he is not available, another local expert will help us to see and understand the interesting points.

Entrance to the garden restaurant in Rennes Le Chateau, frequented by Henry Lincoln and others well versed in the local mysteries.

Entrance to the garden restaurant in Rennes Le Chateau, frequented by Henry Lincoln and others well versed in the local mysteries.

We will go through the museum and the Tour Magdala. Lunch will be at the Garden Restaurant located right next to the church. Enjoying the views overlooking La Val Dieu (the Valley of God), we will also visit the little bookstores and shops in the Village. You may stay up at the Village of Rennes Les Chateau at the top of the hill as long as you would like to on that day. There are often very interesting people from all over the world there. Or, you can relax in the afternoon at our beautiful wooded retreat and perhaps have a treatment with lovely Femke who has some beautiful oils and massage and healing techniques. See her website here: www.dgbyfemke.com. In the evening after a home cooked French dinner, we will have a circle time to review our experience of the day.



Cave of Mary Magdalene, Pic Bugarach, Angel Attunement

The next morning, after another home cooked French farm breakfast, we will walk with our guide, Jaap, along the River of Colors to the cave of Mary Magdalene. There, in the natural limestone cave, we will have a private meditation. We will peacefully spend that afternoon relaxing at the lovely retreat. Our hostess will create a French picnic lunch for us to enjoy in the woods, along the creek, or at the lodge. If you missed the massage from the day before, perhaps you would like to have one today. For those interested, we will offer the opportunity to climb the unusual Pic Bugarach (a 4 hour strenuous hike) in the afternoon. Some call the mountain, the Mt Shasta of Europe. We will have our last home cooked dinner at the resort. That evening, Lee will conduct an angel attunement to bring some clarity to all the theories surrounding Rennes Le Chateau.

In the Village of Bugarach, this lovely Mary can be found at the altar in the church.

In the Village of Bugarach, this lovely Mary can be found at the altar in the church.

My beloved Divine Mother
Dance with me
under the soft moon shining
in the wide open fields
far beyond the toil and trouble
of my busy mind

Dance with me
before the night grows old
while the winds of love
still bow the grasses
and the coyotes howl for you
to step their way

Dance with me my beloved
while the Mystery’s Edge
still flirts in the shadow
of your radiant light

~ Ethan Walker



Bugarach Village, Gorges de Galamus, Belvianes-et-Cavirac

From the Top of Pic Cardou, Rennes Le Chateau is visible, straight across the valley, making it line up with the sacred geometry theories.

From the Top of Pic Cardou, Rennes Le Chateau is visible, straight across the valley, making it line up with the sacred geometry theories.

The following day, we will pack our bags and a go to the Village of Bugarach, the site of an ancient Essene Community. Our guide will show us the beautiful church and town. We will have a meditation at the lake. Pic Bugarach is an amazing mountain that is said to have cathedrals built deep inside its limestone caves.

A hermitage built into the limestone cliffs at Galamus.

A hermitage built into the limestone cliffs at Galamus.

After lunch we will drive around the Pic Bugarach and go through the beautiful French countryside to the wondrous Gorges de Galamus, where hermitages have been built into the cliffs. There ia also a cave with Mary in the rocks, by a pool. After exploring this area and visiting in the little cafe, where they make the most delicious cookies, we will go to our new hotel, La Maison Templiere in Belvianes-et-Cavirac (http://maisontempliere.com) where we will stay for the next 3 nights. The fantastic chef here will fix our traditional French dinner. This night you will have some free time to enjoy our new hotel and garden in the pretty French town of Belvianes-et-Cavirac.



Rennes Les Bains, Pic Cardou, Coutassa.

After breakfast, we will drive to the Village of Rennes Les Bains. This town is the site of healing waters, that have been used since ancient times by the Romans and the European royalty and probably way before then. Even today the waters are used as a healing spa where people come to improve their health. We will spend the morning taking a moderate walk up to the top of Pic Cardou, where there is a ceremonial site. This is considered a sacred feminine mountain which some believe to be a stargate. We will have a meditation there and enjoy the wonderful views of the surrounding valleys. From there, we can see how the sacred geometry of the peaks lines up.

Some of the houses along the River Sals in Rennes Les Bains.

Some of the houses along the River Sals in Rennes Les Bains.

We will have lunch at restaurant in Rennes Les Bains which overlooks the River Sals in Rennes Les Bains. After lunch, those who want to may soak in the healing waters of the river, or you may peruse the village of Rennes Les Bains, where there are some interesting shops and small museums. Later in the afternoon we will go to Coutassa to visit the ancient beehive huts there. That evening we will have dinner at our hotel, where the food is great!.



Village of Serres, Chateau at Arques, Eqinox ceremony at Lover’s Fountain.

The Tour de Magdalene in Rennes Le Chateau.

The Tour de Magdalene in Rennes Le Chateau.

In the morning, after breakfast, we will drive up to the Village of Serres to visit the church which has some old and interesting paintings. Then we will go further up the road to the well preserved Chateau at Arques. After lunch in town, along the River Sals, we will visit a few attractions around Rennes Les Bains. We will focus our energy for the autumnal equinox, which is this very day, at Lover’s Fountain. At this special place, we will have a meditation about bringing opposites into balance, particularly the Male and Female aspects of ourselves. With a guide, we will walk through a chestnut forest to visit the Chair of Isis and the sacred Spring. We will have delicious dinner at our hotel, where we can relax in the pretty gardens and quietly contemplate our day of the Equinox.



Montsegur Castle, Alet Les Bains

Montsegur Castle is a very important place in the history of the Cathars and the Holy Grail. This morning, after breakfast, we will pack our bags and drive to the little village of Montsegur where there is evidence of civilization from 80,000 years ago. Our goal will be to climb up to the top of the mountain where the castle is located. It is steep, but we will take our time and help everyone get there. Why do we want to go up there? Because the energy is amazing…and so are the views!!! It is said that this is where the Holy Grail was kept.

In 1243–44, the Cathars were besieged at Montségur by 10,000 troops from the Catholic Church. In March 1244, the Cathars finally surrendered and approximately 220 were burned en masse in a bonfire at the foot of the “pog” mountain when they refused to renounce their faith. We will have free time to explore the energies and meditate at the castle, atop the mountain. We will lunch in the little village, then drive back through the French countryside, moving into our new hotel in Alet Les Bains, where we will stay for our last 3 nights.

On the far right, perhaps you can make out the Buddha anchoring the energy of Bugarach. There are many beings in this mountain.

On the far right, perhaps you can make out the Buddha anchoring the energy of Bugarach. There are many beings in this mountain.

Alet les Bains is a village that boasts the most pure and nurturing drinking water in all of France. Our hotel is an old nunnery on the river, with lovely gardens all around it. We will have dinner here. In the evening there, we will have a circle time to talk about our experiences at Montsegur.


Day 8: September 24: French Village Market and a Woodland Labyrinth

The next day, after our buffet breakfast, we will go to the market. A French village market is a festive time with lots of fruits, cheeses, pastries, olives, spices, baskets and many colorful goods from Africa. We will have lots of time to shop and have lunch there before we go to a natural woodland stone labyrinth with some unusual energy spots. We will take some time to meditate within the labyrinth. It can be a complicated labyrinth and we really will need the guide that we will have to help us! We will return to our hotel in Alet Les Bains for dinner because the restaurant there is great .


Day 9: September 25: Gallery of the Angels, Nostradamus, the Nunnery, and Farewell Circle.

After breakfast the next morning, we will go to the pure water spring and refill our water bottles. Then we will visit the extraordinary Gallery of the Angels. After lunch, with our original guide, Jaap, we will explore the town where there are many interesting places, such as an ancient abbey, the house where Nostradamus lived, and many other medieval buildings. We will have circle time and Lee will conduct another angel attunement to help us integrate all we have seen and done and felt during our trip to France. After that we will have our farewell dinner.


Day 10: September 26:

The last day, early in the morning, in order to catch our international flights, we will leave the lovely Aude Valley for the airport in Barcelona, with a deeper understanding of who the Cathars were and what the Knights Templars were doing. Most importantly, we will feel reintegrated with the Mary energy of the Divine Feminine and we will be ready to embrace those qualities that bring us to wholeness during our work in the world.


Take the 21/2 Day Wine Tasting Extension:

Exciting new wine tasting extension offered at the end of the Spiritual Adventure to France, Sept 26-29! Instead of going to the airport, you will be met by David and Marilyn Decalo and literally, be wined and dined at the best places in the south of France. SEE: Lot Valley & Cahors Wine and Food Excursion for 21/2 days, an excursion designed especially for Adventurous Spirit Travelers with our friends David and Marilyn DeCalo and their new company: Wine Trails Du Sud. Read the exciting itinerary here: http://WineTrailsDuSud.com/wine-tour-excursions.html . For more information, call Marilyn: 303-819-2503

Please watch the video below to see the beautiful area of Languedoc that we will be visiting:

The land only cost of this Adventure is an amazing low cost of $2,900.00
(not including the extension.)

Credit card payment is $3,045.00, to cover our processing costs.

Angels at the basin for the Holy Water, making the sign of the cross, Mary Magdalene Church.

Angels at the basin for the Holy Water, making the sign of the cross, Mary Magdalene Church.

This includes:
Airport transfers
All guided ground transportation
All lodging
All breakfasts
Welcome and Farewell Dinners
All Professional Guides
All entrance fees
Special presentations by local experts
Circle times
Guided meditations
Angel Attunements with Lee

Please call us if you have any questions about this Adventure.
We are excited about it and would enjoy talking with you!

Lee Cook: 303-494-3453
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“The Heart of the Mother France tour was an amazing, awe inspiring journey. The Pyrenees Mountains were breathtaking, and our journey to mystical places was truly magical. The people that I shared this journey with were warm, friendly and like minded individuals whom I would like to continue contact with. This was an adventure that I will never forget.
Thank you Tina you are definitely an adventurous spirit.”

~ Janine, Australia