Peru and Bolivia are calling to YOU



Will you be joining us as we enter the mystical Andes, the newfeminine energy center of the world? The deadline is this week! Please contact now if plan to join us.
Call Tina: 720-217-1829
We have a beautiful journey planned!
Starting with a train ride to Aguas Calientes, we will stay for 3 nights so that we can truly take in all the Light energy and the mystical knowledge of Machu Picchu, the ancient City of Light. We will have ceremonies at the most sacred places there, guided by native shaman.
We will explore the Sacred Valley with the waters of the Urubamba River flowing past the timeless Temples, and the wonderful Apus soaring above. We will visit with the people, weavers and farmers of the land, dressed in their traditional skirts and hats.
Cusco, once the navel of the Universe beckons us as we celebrate the wonderful energies in this city which is now a cosmopolitan center, surrounded by still powerful temples and fantastic architecture.
From there, we travel on to Lake Titicaca, the location of the Second Chakra of our Earth. This is the center for Creativity. Here, at the sacred energy points, we will have ceremonies focusing on our personal development for this aspect of our lives. We want to be filled with the inspiration to create our lives to be lived in fulfilling and happy ways.
Traveling with my friend and amazing guide, Rosse Mary Vargas we will stay with the local people and have profound, transformative experiences at the ancient temples and on the lands which are full of amazing energies. Please watch the video below with Rosse at Lake Titicaca.

Contact us today, if you would like to join us!
Tata and Titicaca
Tata and Titicaca
These are some comments from our amazing, recent journey to Glastonbury:
“This beautiful Glastonbury Sacred Pilgrimage has held so many incredible blessings for me … It has truly been a treasure of my life’s journey! It has far exceeded all my expectations! The words that come to mind are magical, mystical, spiritual, and enlightening filled with so much joy and love!”  Andi G, Boulder, Colorado
“Thank you so much for organizing this magical mystery tour and bringing together these beautiful souls and profound guides. The guides did not only show us the sacred sites, but also let us experience them in an unique way. It is rare that I feel so connected to people I’ve never met and land that I have not travelled yet.”  Sandra L, Holland