PILGRIMAGE to Glastonbury, England, Heart Chakra of Earth


Evidence exists of an alignment across Southern England, linking Glastonbury Tor with the Avebury Stone Circle, St Michael’s Mount and numerous Neolithic, Celtic and early Christian holy places. These are sites that we will visit on our September pilgrimage to Glastonbury, England, known as the Heart Chakra of the Earth.

Folklore tells of a visit by the young Jesus and also by Joseph of Arimathea, who later returned with the Holy Grail, and then a burial of the sacred object near the enchanted Chalice Well at Glastonbury. Local storytellers will accompany us along our journey to these lands and they will relate the ancient legends to us in meaningful ways. “Another intriguing mystery concerns the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey, once the greatest monastery of Medieval Europe. An analysis of its ground plan reveals proportions of sacred geometry equal to those found in nearby Stonehenge. The Glastonbury region and its abbey also have strong associations with Arthurian legends. At the old abbey, it has been said that monks discovered two graves containing the bones and an inscribed cross identifying the bodies as those of King Arthur and his Queen Guinevere.” ~ Martin Grey, from Sacred Earth, Places of Peace and Power.

We will be visiting these ancient places with private guides that have lived in the area much of their lives, have made films and written books about the legends and the modern day findings at the sacred sites. With a private, sunrise visit to Stonehenge, special ceremonies in the West Kennet Long Barrow, the Goddess Temple in Glastonbury, the labyrinth on the Tor, a few different Holy Wells, and many other amazing places, our journey to ancient Avalon promises to be a life transforming journey.

Walk the Sacred Mary/Michael Ley Line
September 2 – 7, 2014

The journey to Avalon will be preceded by an optional 6 day pilgrimage walk along the Mary/Michael Ley Line into Glastonbury. A ley line is a channel of life force energy that distributes itself throughout the landscape, the way acupuncture meridians distribute life force within the human body.
The Mary/Michael ley line is such a powerful trail that  it is sometimes referred to as a “Dragon Trail.” This would be an organically shaped stream of fiery energy full of life-nourishing powers that can be absorbed by all living things, including humans. Pre-Christian
pilgrim paths were often located along these lines to gather the earth’s creative powers. Ceremony centers and later, churches were situated at special places on these ancient power lines in order to celebrate the spiritual powers of the universe. There are many vortexes of energy where all living beings can become recharged with the primeval potential of life which exists on the powerful ley lines.

Optional One Day walk along the Magical Pilgrimage Path into Glastonbury, the Earth’s Heart Chakra,
September 7, 2014

If 6 days of walking is too much for you, we are also offering an optional 1 day walk along the Mary/Michael line where we will join the others on the very last day walking 7 miles along the regenerative pilgrims’ path directly into Glastonbury, otherwise known as ancient Avalon. The other option, of course is to join us in Glastonbury for the main part of the journey and spend 8 days together as we explore and meditate and celebrate throughout the ancient sacred sites and energies of this part of our heritage.

“My life changed after my journey with Adventurous Spirit Travel to Ireland. While visiting the ancient abbeys and beehive huts of the early Celtic monks, I was reminded of the grace and sacredness of silence that they had experienced there among the stones, and it renewed my attention to the practice of meditation after returning home. I was able to focus my energy, and write the book which had been lingering in my imagination.

We experienced amazing things at the Holy wells, with the ancient Celtic energies at special sacred places where no one else was, and on the mountains at sanctuaries, in ceremony. Our guides were extraordinary, native priests and keepers of the old knowledge who took us to little known places full of wisdom. I love traveling with Adventurous Spirit Travel!!” – Diana Z, Ft Collins, Co