Glastonbury Full Itinerary

ITINERARY for a Magical Pilgrimage to Glastonbury
with Andi Goldman, Sound Oracle
Sept 6-7, 2014
OPTIONAL:  One Day Walk along the Mary/Michael line into Glastonbury. For this walking pilgrimage, please arrive in Glastonbury by Sept 6 in the afternoon.
 September 7-15, 2014
 Stay in Glastonbury and visit the Sacred Sites in and around Ancient Avalon, joining in sound ceremony with Andi Goldman.
Full itinerary follows the description of the one day walking pilgrimage description, below.
Please join us on one or both of our programs in and around SW England this coming September.
Sunday, September 7th



   ​, if you have chosen to join us on the optional 1 day pilgrimage,​

we will walk

​about 7 miles ​along the Mary/ Michael line

into Glastonbury passing through Shapwick,the last village along our route. We will continue through fields and farms until we near Wearyall Hill, strongly associated with the legends of Joseph of Arimathea and the Thorn Tree. This marks the site of the staff that he plunged into the ground when, as legend has it, he came ashore, arriving here by boat after the crucifixion.


Finally, at Wearyall Hill, we will have walked through the

​ ​

surrounding countryside to this vantage point just outside of Glastonbury and experienced for ourselves the force of the earth’s energetic ley lines. As we pause and take in the view of the Tor and the town of Glastonbury, we will breathe deep with the knowing that through our pilgrimage, we have become aligned and connected with the power of these lands, and we will recognize the magic and the potency of the surrounding place. When we enter Glastonbury it will be with an embodied sense of belonging and connection.

The Path guides and provides every step of the way.

​, our leader for the walking portion of the pilgrimage​

is delighted for you to join us as we explore and travel the sacred path aligned with earth energies of both Mary and Michael. Along the walk we will only be carrying a small day pack and optional walking sticks.

This pilgrimage is designed to be an enjoyable experience and we will go at a pleasurable pace.  We want to savor the experience of the landscape, the energy line, the places, and the people at a gentle walking pace. Instead of a rushing “been there, done that” traveler’s attitude, we will adopt the pilgrim’s curiosity to the path and consequently gather the spiritual enrichment of both the outer path and inner journey.
We look forward to you joining us!

   ​    ​

Ambulando Solvitur!


It is Solved through Walking!

    For more information regarding
   the Walking Pilgrimage,
Please contact:
Sarah Hoskin Clymer
 Gifts from the Path – Facebook
        For more information about our wonderful guide, Sarah, read HERE.


Cost for the 1 Day Walking Pilgrimage into Glastonbury:
$370.00  This includes taxi from Glastonbury to

   ​ ​


​starting point of the walk​


​ ​


  ​on Sept 6, before the walk starts the next day​

(excluding drinks), Lodging at the B&B, Breakfast in the morning, Supervised walking into Glastonbury, ferrying of bags, help with travel plans. Single Supplement $55.00 extra charge.

Not Included in the Costs:
Air and Train Travel before and after the walk, Travel Insurance, Visa Fees, anything not included in what is listed as included.

   ​. Full payment is due at this time, since we must book all reservations.​

 Thank you for your understanding. If paying by Pay Pal on our website, please include a 4% additional charge to cover our costs. All Payment Information is included in the registration process. Call with questions:

Main Glastonbury Tour

Ancient Avalon

Heart Chakra of the Earth

We will be accompanied by Andi Goldman and her sacred sounds at all sites and will be experiencing amazing ceremonies with her.​
Sunday, September 7th
Arrive in Glastonbury, either by walking into the ancient town with the Pilgrimage walkers, or by transportation from London Airports. Upon registration, we will guide you through the best and easiest way for you to get to Glastonbury. Plan to arrive at the London airport before

 ​ ​

noon today and you will be able to join us by the evening. Once everyone has arrived, we will gather for Welcome Time.

This evening, we will relax and settle into our new Home away from Home, the Daisey Center, located in downtown Glastonbury. We will be renting the entire place for the duration of our stay, so you may relax, sit in the garden, cook there and truly make yourself at home: DAISEY CENTER.

“Welcome to a wonderful tranquil, healing space in the heart of Glastonbury. Situated on the Michael ley line our centre has a nurturing atmosphere of angelicserenity which pervades the whole house making your stay that extra bit special. Your bedroom is your haven, the rooms are spotlessly clean, bright and luxuriously warm.

We are in the ideal location to enjoy a peaceful retreat or pilgrimage, located moments away from Glastonbury High Street beside St John’s Church and five  minutes from the Abbey with all its mythical Arthurian lore. A short walk takes you to the calming Garden of the Chalice Well and the famous Glastonbury Tor.” ~ Daisey Center


Monday, September 8

There are so many different legends and special places in and around Glastonbury. We want you to experience all of them. Tor Webster a gentleman, who for over 12 years has been living, studying and living deeply into these places, will be our guide for 2 days, helping us to understand all that has been happening there throughout time.

After breakfast the first day, Tor will give us a lovely tour including St Margarets chapel – the original Mary Magdalene chapel – and to St Johns church to uncover the well-hidden artifacts. After a brief lunch break we will proceed to the Abbey to find some proof of the early Christian knowledge, explore the Michael and Mary ley lines and the last resting place of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere. From here we will walk to Gog and Maygog, the two ancient oak trees, over two thousand years old that line the ancient processional entrance to the Tor. We will finish the day with a good dinner and a restful night of sleep.

Tuesday, September 9

After another good breakfast, we will join Tor on the second part of our journey around mystical Avalon. We will visit the Chalice Well gardens and the White Spring temple, lingering for time to connect with these healing places. From there we will continue on to Glastonbury Tor. Here, among other things, we will visit the sacred standing stones, one being the Egg Stone, all part of the 3rd labyrinth. After this unusual site, we will find the tree portal to the underworld hidden in the magical faery woods at the bottom of the Tor. Here we will do an optional visualisation. We will still our hunger with a healthy lunch and then go to Brides Mound, home of St Brigid. Tonight we will sleep well after a good dinner.

Wednesday, September 10

Today is a free day for you to explore any part of Glastonbury on your own, to take all the time you want for meditation at whichever sites you have been drawn to. Arise whenever you please, have a leisurely breakfast and spend the day enjoying this magical place. Also, it will be the perfect opportunity to shop in the wonderful book stores and gift shops, for goddess clothing and many other unique and beautiful things.

This evening, we are planning a special ceremony at the Goddess Temple in Glastonbury. Led by a Glastonbury Goddess Priestess, our ceremony will include a blessing for the world, and a celebration of the Heart Chakra. After the ceremony we will enjoy a group dinner together at one of the fantastic restaurants in Glastonbury.

Thursday, September 11

After another breakfast of your choice we will leave Glastonbury for the day and drive to Avebury, the site of the largest Stone Circle on earth and many other sacred places. Our private minibus will be driven by our guide, author and filmmaker, Peter Knight. ”He has a relaxed manner, a good sense of humour and is very enthusiastic about his subject, making for entertaining and informative tours. His trips are a spiritual experience as he takes us into the living landscape of the Goddess.”

Today, our tour will include the main henge at Avebury, connecting withthe ancient spirit stones, a special meditation under the amazing beech trees, and megalithic Silbury Hill. A truly magical day, yielding many surprises even to regular Avebury visitors, including St Michael Line energies dowsed through the landscape. We will have lunch at the famous Barge Inn (center for crop circles in the area) and keep ourselves posted for any recent crop circles, which we will certainly visit if they are around.

In the early evening, we will go to West Kennet Long Barrow for a very special ceremony, a private gathering to honour our ancestors. It will be a magical, profound early evening event at West Kennet Long Barrow, a 5,600 year-old chambered mound. Peter will do a short tour of the site, based on his book, and then we will witness the sunset, and go into the chambers. We will

​create a circle with Andi, ​

chant, do some gentle drumming, and have a meditation to link with the ancestors. After this wonderful day, we will return to our Glastonbury beds for a good night’s sleep. 

Friday, September 12


breakfast we will join Peter in his minibus and drive to Dorset, anarea full of megaliths and important sites that are not often visited. Peter will pick the sites that are best suited for our group. Possible choices are: Cerne Giant, Knowlton, Hellstone, Nine Stones, Kingston Russell, Grey Mare and her Colts, Maiden Castle, Verwood Megalith, and many others, all of which Peter has written about in his books. We will end the day with a special visit to a Holy Well for blessings. After that we will drive back to Glastonbury and our comfortable beds, finding dinner along the way. 

Saturday, September 13

A very early start his morning for a special private ceremony at Stonehenge. These days it is not possible to get near the stones at Stonehenge unless you book a private entrance. With our experienced guide, Peter,

​and with Andi, ​

we will have a very amazing one hour visit and ceremony inside the circle with the ancient, powerful stones. Afterwards, we will go out to a well deserved breakfast. 

We will spend the rest of the day with Peter visiting some of the places

​ ​

that we have not yet seen in the area. These may include Alton Priors church and spring, Adam’s Grave, East Field, the Sanctuary, barrows on Overton Hill, Kennet stone avenue, Winterborne Monkton church, Alton Barnes White Horse, and perhaps a crop circle. After returning to Glastonbury we will say good bye to our wonderful guide Peter, have a nice dinner and a great night’s sleep. 

Sunday, September 14

Back in Glastonbury for the day, you will have the option of taking this day to spend on your own, or coming with us for a Labyrinth Walk on Glastonbury Tor, led by our earlier guide, Tor Webster.

On the Glastonbury Tor is a spiraling labyrinth which encircles the hill from base to peak. “Ancient myths tell that pilgrims to the sacred island of Avalon would moor their boats upon the shore and, entering the great landscape labyrinth, begin a long ascent to the hilltop shrine. By following the winding labyrinth, they gained a deep attunement with the Tor’s terrestrial energies.” ~ Martin Grey.

Tor will guide us along the way, a total of 6 hours of meditative walking and contemplation. The path is not easy to discern on your own these days. With his guidance, we will be able to stop along the way at the 7 chakra points for meditation and rest. Since this is an optional event, it is not included in the cost of the trip and will be an extra $80.00, approx.

Tonight we will have a special dinner to say farewell to Glastonbury Town.

Sunday, September 15

Today, after breakfast, we will check out of our lovely place in Glastonbury and drive to Wells. There we will visit the spectacular Wells Cathedral. We can go to the medieval Chapter house with its amazing rib vault and the Lady’s Chapel and see the unique star vault. Next we will go to the famous town of Bath, now a World Heritage Center. We will tour the town, including the Bath Abbey, the Roman Baths Complex and the Circus Building Complex with its mysterious architecture.

From Bath, we will be able to take a train straight to Heathrow Airport. After registering for the trip we will advise you where to stay and exactly how to get to the airport on time, even if your flight leaves the next morning.  It is very easy to get to Heathrow from Bath! Your journey with Adventurous Spirit Travel will end this late afternoon.

Cost for the 8 Day Journey to Glastonbury, Heart Chakra of the Earth:

$2,170.00   8 Days and 8 Nights (Land Only)

​We will be accompanied by Andi Goldman and her sacred sounds at all sites and will be experiencing amazing ceremonies with her.​


Includes: Lodging for 8 nights at the Daisey Center in downtown Glastonbury, 8 Breakfasts, 2 Dinners (drinks excluded), 6 Full Days of Private Tours, Private entrance to Stonehenge, ceremonies, guided visualizations and meditations at West Kennet Long Barrow, Stonehenge at the Goddess Temple in Glastonbury and many other locations, private transportation when needed, entrance fees to all sites when we go as a group, special help arranging your arrival and departure from Glastonbury. Single Supplement: $480.00 extra charge.

Not Included in the Costs:
Air and Train Travel, optional Labyrinth Walk around the Tor on 9/14, Travel Insurance, Visa Fees, anything not included in what is listed as included.


​. Full payment due now.​

. Please indicate which part(s) of

   ​ ​

the trip you are registering for. Balance is due by July 1, 2014, or we will lose our hotel rooms since this is the busy season. Thank you for your understanding. If paying by Pay Pal on our website, please include a 4% ($520.00 total) additional charge to cover our costs. All Payment Information is included in the registration process. Call with questions: Tina 720-217-1829