What People Are Saying About Adventurous Spirit Travel:

“Thank you so much for organizing this magical mystery tour and bringing together these beautiful souls and profound guides. The guides did not only show us the sacred sites, but also let us experience them in an unique way. It is rare that I feel so connected to people I’ve never met and land that I have not travelled yet.”

~ Sandra L, Holland


“This beautiful Sacred Pilgrimage has held so many incredible blessings for me … It has truly been a treasure of my life’s journey! It has far exceeded all my expectations! The words that come to mind are magical, mystical, spiritual, and enlightening filled with so much joy and love!”

~ Andi G, Boulder, Colorado


The Magic, Mystical Tour of Avalon has been a profound experience for me and many interesting things are occurring as a result. Deepest gratitude for your skill and knowledge in creating this tour.

~ Rebecca N, Rhode Island


Tina radiates a warmth, gentleness and kindness of spirit that was woven throughout every aspect of this magical and mystical journey to the Isle of Avalon, the heart chakra of Mother Earth. I will be forever grateful to our local guides, who shared with me their strong connections to the land and sacred sites, and who took me on a transformative and inspirational journey through their storytelling, singing, chanting, and drumming. And I’m grateful to the beautiful and inspirational soul sisters that I met on this journey, for their wisdom, grace, laughter, and tender power. Thank you Tina!”

~ Stephanie H, Canada


Our trip was profound for me and I’m still trying to integrate it. At Thanksgiving dinner, I led the prayer which was one taught to us by Jorge. All took heart from Love, Service and Wisdom—–and the Sun beyond the sun.

~ Ricardo E, Colorado


“I loved our trip together, Thank You for your tenacity, creative & spiritual weaving of this wonderful trip … it was such a special and joyful adventure! You really know how to find magic and fantastic guides and shamans.”

With much gratitude,
Kirsten S, Denmark


“Thank you for organizing the sacred journey. It was the best trip that I have ever taken in my life!”

~ S. G., Idaho


“The photographs you have been forwarding of the trip have been spectacular and so beautiful. Brought back so many wonderful memories. I am still processing all we saw and the entire trip was extraordinary and so very meaningful for me.  I loved all of it!! The guides were so wonderful and Paddy was a great driver with lots of knowledge as well.

I made up 500 photos for my trip albums and can’t believe we saw all that we did in just 7 days!  I have told many people about the trip and there are lots of people who thought it sounded so great! I keep telling them your trips are the best and they won’t find any like them anywhere else!

I am so very glad I met up with you, as you are a very special and gifted person at making connections which are very meaningful, and the spiritual connection to the land and the people on the trips is very important .  When I returned to my home I felt like one of the ancient monks who lived in those beehive stone huts and I just wanted to meditate in silence and remember the mystical beauty and spiritual essence of such a wonderful place as Ireland.
May you always walk with Divine sparks firing in your heart………..”

~ Diana, FT Collins, Co


“The Heart of the Mother France tour was an amazing, awe inspiring journey. The Pyrenees Mountains were breathtaking, and our journey to mystical places was truly magical. The people that I shared this journey with were warm, friendly and like minded individuals whom I would like to continue contact with. This was an adventure that I will never forget. Thank you Tina you are definitely an adventurous spirit.”

~ Janine, Australia


“Back home again and well rested after the AWESOME journey with you to Bolivia. What a great trip that was! I loved every bit of it: the country, the people, the history of these ancient power places on earth. I especially loved the energies of Lake Titicaca. I remembered having read about this area in the book “The I AM Discourses” by Godfrey Ray King, regarding ancient rays entering the earth at specific points.

It says; “One Ray enters the crust of the earth at a point just south of the Gobi desert; and the other one enters just east of Lake Titicaca, the highest lake in the world, in the Andes Mountains.
These are the two most intense points of Light in the earth. There is always a Cosmic Activity taking place there, which may not be interfered with …..” After visiting these energies and seeing for myself, I would not be surprised if this is true. And what better time to be there than now, in 2012! So we were blessed indeed.

I realize you also provided us with – on all levels – the best and most knowledgable guides we could ever ask for! So Thank You! Already I would love to go back.”

~ AK, Norway


“In April, 2012, I accompanied Tina on the site review for the planned 2012 Adventurous Spirit Travel Journey to the Andes. It was a very interesting trip. Tina has an amazing intuition for connecting with highly evolved guides that are helpful for transformational experiences. Since this is the main reason to travel to spiritual sites in the Andes, I recommend her trip for anyone planning to go there during this auspicious year, 2012. I have traveled to sacred sites around the world and I have to say that this one was a most effective spiritual awakening. Highly recommended!”

~ Lorna, UK.


“I continue to savor every memory of our adventure in Ireland – the people, the magic and the mystery. I have become more expanded in consciousness as a result of our emerald isle time. There really is magic everywhere and with everyone! I will be forever grateful to our group and our fearless leaders for creating and holding the space for our fabulous journey.”

~ Marilyn, Boulder, Co


“The Spiral Garden Ceremony was so incredibly beautiful — I have to say that it was one of the best experiences of my entire life. I so appreciate that you both created this rare gift. The large barn room was so pretty with all the evergreens and candles – and the harp music was magnificent. I really loved the angel in white, the lighting of the candles in the apples, and the guidance Lee shared. It was great to experience this with so many others, too. I loved that it was a snowy and peaceful evening for the ceremony. While I was driving home it was beautiful to look at all the colorful Christmas lights shining through the snow and I felt so glad to be here. Everything you’re doing now is so meaningful and just know that I appreciate it so much.”

~ From Dec. 4 Gathering, Boulder CO


“I had the most wonderful time and hope to come on future trips with “Adventurous Spirit Travel”.
I feel I experienced healing while in Ireland and as the old song goes…..”Its good to touch the green green grass of home!”

~ Nancy, Greenwich, Conn


“The spiral garden touched my heart. As each person walked through to get their light from the center, I felt like I could hear the intention of their prayer and I felt the angels helping them, surrounding them with love. At the end, when the room was quiet and filled with the soft light of all the candles, I could see many blue sparks. I felt overjoyed and knew we had been joined by the beloved spirits.”

~ From Dec.4 Gathering, Boulder CO


“What a trip! The experience continues to distill and sink in… I loved being away with like-minded people exploring new lands, ancient artifacts, and being more conscious of nature’s subtle energies. You and the group inspire me to lead a more “in-tune” life. Thank you for providing this unique and much-needed way to experience the wonders of sacred places.”

~Jessica, Boulder, Co


“Thank you so much for doing the ceremony last night. That was special. The room felt full of Angels! I felt like my head was being stroked. It seemed like they said that the ceremonies weren’t necessary for them, but helped us humans focus more intently and that’s a good thing! I would love more of these.”

~From Gathering, Boulder CO