The Golden Tour: Through the Southwest


nonameThe lands in the southwestern part of America, full of ancient ruins, have been a spiritual haven of people for thousands of years. For example, Chaco Canyon, located just south of Colorado in New Mexico was evidently a gathering place for peoples from many lands to come together for ceremony. Throughout the southwest, along the Trail of the Ancients can be found evidence of a culture that was evolved spiritually and which held great reverence for the Earth. We will visit some of the places along the Trail during our Golden Tour through the southwest in September.

images-22We have selected the autumn time to journey because it will be glittering with the golden leaves of turning aspen. Our route will take us along the most beautiful mountain passes and meadows, following the headwaters of some of the mightiest rivers in America. We will bathe in hot springs which have been the healing waters for the Native American people throughout history.

Even today, the southwest is a highly evolved spiritual place. We plan to visit a Temple, hand painted in brilliant colors by Nepalese artists and set in the wild lands of the Ute Nation. The 21 Taras present there will hold you with their compassion, forgiveness and mercy.

noname (2)We will work with modern guides, like Paul Martin, a master of crystals, both locally collected and from around the world. Vaughn from Far Out Expeditions has been exploring the canyons and mesas of Utah for decades. He will take us on a private tour to ancient ruins and to see rock art hidden away in forgotten lands, places that most people never go to.

wild-horses-thunderdomeThe natural formations in the lands at places like Canyonlands and Arches National Park will leave you marveliing at the splendor of our Earth. Between the Wild Horse Preserve and gold panning, we will experience much of what the Southwest has to offer in one short week of traveling with friends. Please join us on this affordable exploration of our sacred lands in America.